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Builder Stories Podcast Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
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Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
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About the Podcast

Welcome to Builder Stories, the podcast where builders, remodelers, and contractors share their personal and business journeys.

Many small to mid-sized construction businesses are great at their trades but not always equally business savvy. Come learn from the stories of successful entrepreneurs who share how they got started, how they found success, and the lessons learned along the way.

Recent Episodes

Episode 45
Get Out of Your Own Head
With Dylan Martin of Absolute Design Build
Episode 44
Find the Solution & Keep Going
With Mark Flanders of Blue Hill Building Co.
Episode 43
Prioritize Transparency & Integrity
With Anthony Abbott of Greystone Remodeling
Episode 42
Building a Strong Company Culture
With Mike Mitchell of Mitchell Construction
Episode 41
Reaching for $10 Million
With Carlos Adame of Transom Remodeling
Episode 40
Meet People Where They Are
With Dan Lee of Kane Remodeling
Episode 39
Building Resilience
With Stephanie Burgess of Burgess Construction
Episode 38
Harnessing AI for Smarter Contracting
With Edward Rivera and Eddie Cruz of Ion Electrical
Episode 37
Integrity, Craftsmanship, Growth
With Darin Kuns of D-K Construction, Inc.
Episode 36
Focus Drives Success
With Steve Kirk of Premier Deck
Episode 35
Make Your Own Luck
With Marcus Hampton of Hampton Construction and Hampton Outdoor
Episode 34
Make Money to Grow
With Rick Williams of Williams Professional Painting
Episode 33
Building a Legacy
With Scott & Zach Heinold of Heinold Homes and Renovations
Episode 32
From Teacher to Lifelong Student
With Elliott Wittstruck of Built with Love
Episode 31
Building the Client’s Vision
With Adam Jackson with Agile Cabinetry
Episode 30
Trust, Expectations, and High Standards
With Chad Hamlin of The Hamlin Group
Episode 29
From Apprentice to Entrepreneur
With Brian Blankenheim of Build It Right Carpentry
Episode 28
Building a Team of Owners
With Nicholas Donlin of Zenith Design + Build
Episode 27
The Path Forward from Debt
With James Miller of Valiant Home Additions
Episode 26
Incentivize Accuracy and Timeliness
With Scott Worley of The Patio Kitchen Co
Episode 25
Be An Inspiration Hub
With Erica Anenberg and Beth Benson of Girl Flip Construction
Episode 24
Constantly Improve the Customer Experience
With Jeremy Maher of Phoenix Home Remodeling
Episode 23
Focus on the Deep Relationships
With Greg Junge of Greg Junge Construction
Episode 22
Niching Down to Scale
With Kevin Choquette of Ravin Builders
Episode 21
Managing the Business From 3,000 Miles Away
With Jordan Webb of Deck Masters
Episode 20
That’s Not a Failure, That’s a Lesson
With Felipe Freig of Versa Homes
Episode 19
Always Be a Student
With Michael Miller of M3 Decks
Episode 18
Serve to the Extreme
With Ben Schneider of Peak Sodding
Episode 17
Changing from a Scarcity Mindset
With Matt Blood of Paragon Tile Installation
Episode 16
Raise The Bar and Raise Your Game
With David Bryan of Blackdog Builders
Episode 15
Don’t Be Afraid of Technology
With Liliana Escudero of J Designs Pool & Spa
Episode 14
Never Stop Promoting Your Business
With Luan Nguyen of Deck Bros
Episode 13
Be a Visionary, Invest in Technology
With Tom Morris of The Selah Group
Episode 12
Shake Off Imposter Syndrome & Take a Seat at the Table
With Laurel Winkel of SheBuilds
Episode 11
Own It, Live It, Project It, and Do It
With Aaron Harshaw of Harshaw Home Renovators
Episode 10
Keep Moving Forward
With Jason Varney of Dock & Deck and Tennessee Pool & Spa
Episode 9
Sweat the Small Stuff
With Bob Turner of Turner Builders
Episode 8
Invest in Yourself
With Jared Thayer of Thayer Design Build
Episode 7
Build a Brand Bigger Than Your Company
With Travis Gunter of High Sierra Remodeling and Construction
Episode 6
Growing Up in the Family Business
With Josh Awend of American Drapery Systems, Inc.
Episode 5
Network, Network, Network
With Steve Tonkin of Tommico Renovations
Episode 4
Employees Are Your #1 Tool
With Wally Munoz of Munoz Concrete Services
Episode 3
Talk About Money Early & Often
With Chad Huber of CasaKeepers
Episode 2
Slow is Fast
With Zach Snider of Alloy Architecture & Construction
Episode 1
Merging Craftsmanship & Process
With Peter Ranney of Ranney Blair
Meet Your Host, Eric Fortenberry

Eric is a voice and leader in the construction industry delivering education and technology solutions that are helping thousands of businesses grow and scale. He is the Founder and CEO of JobTread Software, a construction estimating and project management platform that has helped thousands of builders and contractors sell and manage over $1 billion in construction jobs. Prior to JobTread, he successfully built two other businesses, one in software and one in construction.

Eric’s goal for the Builder Stories Podcast is to contribute education to the industry by sharing success stories that can help construction leaders learn and develop their businesses.

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