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Episode 2

Slow is FastWith Zach Snider of Alloy Architecture & Construction

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Zach Snider is a Partner at Alloy Architecture & Construction, a design build firm doing about $3.5 million in annual revenue. Located in the small town of Charlottesville, VA, he does large scale remodeling projects, home additions, and the occasional new home build. His business does high end work and targets the upper end of the market with an average project size of $250k. Given he’s in a small market, he tends to offer a wide array of projects scopes to meet the needs of his clients, rather than having a niche focus as he would recommend in a larger market.

Here are a few key takeaways from our discussion with Zac:

  • Build the right team
  • Identify your target customer
  • Create pricing strategies for customers and subs
  • Purchase orders are key to managing sub contractors
  • Network with others
  • Patience is key
  • Follow your interests and passions
  • Accept failure as part of the process
  • Never stop learning and keep at it

Listen to the episode to learn more.


Visit the Alloy Architecture & Construction website here.

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