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2024 JobTread Awards: Construction Management Excellence

By: Eric Fortenberryconstruction software award winners

We spent hours reviewing all of the submissions for the inaugural JobTread Awards – watching submission videos, analyzing screenshots, and reading use cases. Selecting the winners was an inspiring challenge – and we’re thrilled to honor those who are transforming the construction industry with their innovation, dedication, and excellence.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the remarkable achievements of our exceptional JobTread users and give them the recognition they deserve. Here are the 2024 JobTread Award winners.

construction software award winners - best budget template

Best Budget Template

sam scott, project coordinator, legacy decks and outdoor living

Sam Scott, Project Coordinator for Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living, earns the award for mastering JobTread budgeting, streamlining sales team estimates with precision and efficiency.

construction software award winners - best schedule template

Best Schedule Template

steve minor, owner, noble renovation

Steve Minor, Owner of Noble Home Renovation, earns the Best Schedule Template award for his meticulous planning and execution using JobTread, showcasing unparalleled organization and coordination in project management.

construction software award winners - best use of formulas

Best Use of Formulas

scott worley, owner, patio kitchen co.

Scott Worley, Owner of The Patio Kitchen Co., clinches the Best Use of Formulas award for his mastery in optimizing calculations, streamlining estimating, and ensuring profitability, showcasing unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in project management.

construction software award winners - best how-to video

Best How-To Video

sam stenard, operations manager, greg junge construction

Sam Stenard, Operations Manager at Greg Junge Construction, receives the Best How-To Video award for his impactful and enlightening JobTread tutorials, showcasing his dedication to empowering users and maximizing the platform's potential.

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construction software award winners - best growth video

Best Growth Story

brian blankenheim, owner, build it right company

Brian Blankenheim, owner of Build it Right Carpentry, earns the inspiring Best Growth Story award for transforming his company's profit by 300% through JobTread's professional proposals and precise job costing, fueling business success while maintaining quality projects.

construction software award winners - most engaged jobtread pro

Most Engaged JobTread Pro

ashley favorite, office admin and project coordinator, lakefront building and designdan reyer, founder and ceo, envision homes

The Most Engaged JobTread Pro Award celebrates the dedication of community members who actively contribute to our platform's growth and knowledge sharing. Ashley Favorite, Office Administrator at Lakefront Building and Design, and Dan Reyer, Founder & CEO of Envision Homes, exemplify this commitment by fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and igniting moments of clarity among their peers.

construction software award winners - most engaged jobtread pro

Most Helpful JobTread Pro

adam jackson, owner, agile companyzach snider, co-founder and operations manager, alloy architecture and construction

Two deserving winners, Adam Jackson of Agile Cabinetry and Zach Snider of Alloy Architecture and Construction, earned the title of "Most Helpful JobTread Pro" for their dedication to providing valuable feedback and support within the community. Adam's fearless initiative and Zach's thoughtful contributions exemplify their commitment to enhancing JobTread and assisting fellow users in navigating the platform's features and functionalities.

construction software award winners - most referrals

Most Referrals

peter ranney, managing partner, ranney blair wedimann

Peter Ranney, Managing Partner of Ranney Blair Weidmann, wins the Most Referrals award, showcasing unmatched passion, expertise, and advocacy in propelling the construction industry towards a forward-thinking future through JobTread.

Celebrating Construction Excellence

Celebrating accolades like the JobTread Awards drives construction industry growth, honors excellence, and inspires continuous improvement.

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