HoundDog and JobTread Integration

Integrate JobTread with HoundDog to automate COI verification and document tracking.

Faster, easier, and more accurate certificate of insurance collection with the power of AI.
HoundDog on JobTread

How It Works

HoundDog uses AI and automation to collect subcontractors’ Certificates of Insurance and verify that the COIs meet your requirements. If something’s missing, HoundDog lets the subcontractor know so they can submit a new COI.

Not a HoundDog customer yet? JobTread customers get a 20% discount forever! Talk to a HoundDog team member to see how easy it is to start tracking COIs.

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Vendor Business Name
Vendor Business Name
Insurance is Required from Vendor
Insurance Requirements Connected to Vendor
Expiration Date
COl Expiration Date
Compliant or Non-Compliant
Compliant or Non-Compliant
COl Document PDF
COl Document PDF
Link to Vendor on HoundDog
HoundDog Link to View Details
Additional Documents and PDFs (Optional)
Additional Documents: W9, Contracts and More (Optional)
Data push from JobTread
Data push from HoundDog

HoundDog Benefits

Connect your JobTread account to HoundDog in seconds to start automating COI tracking and reduce manual touchpoints by up to 80% or more. It’s as simple as two clicks and easily found in your JobTread settings.

Save time and money

HoundDog’s automation reduces costs allocated to manually collecting, reading, and verifying COIs.

Faster subcontractor compliance

Stop spending time reviewing COIs and get compliant documents on record ASAP.

Customize insurance requirements

for different subcontractor risk levels or projects.

Automatically collect COIs at renewal

HoundDog automatically collects COIs at renewal. When a COI expires, HoundDog fetches the new one. (Manual tracking often misses this step!)

Easy insurance audits

Enter audit dates in our Contractor Insurance Audit Tool and download all COIs to give to your auditor with one click.

Ready to grow with you

Automated COI tracking easily scales with you through growth and personnel changes.
All JobTread customers can get an exclusive 20% discount forever for COI collection and verification with HoundDog.

Integrate Your Other Tools with JobTread

Seamlessly connect your existing tools and systems with our software, eliminating silos and streamlining your workflow.

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