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Keep jobs moving with faster work orders and purchase orders

Electronically generate and send purchase orders to suppliers and subcontractors. Track order delivery, progress and completion, along with progress billing and payments.
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Screenshot of user interface for creating a Work Order
Better Purchasing Management

Never fall behind because of missed, late, or incorrect work and purchase orders

Creating and tracking work orders and purchase orders is easy. Just like Estimates, Bids and Change Orders, JobTread associates every order cost item to a cost item in your budget. Creating a new work order or new purchase order, is as simple as converting an existing bid or selecting from your approved budget items and assigning a vendor to the order. JobTread takes care of the rest.

  • Customizable document types

    JobTread allows you to customize your document types. So if your company does not use the terms "Work Order" and "Purchase Order", you can easily change them to whatever best suits your company. Not only that, but you can also define as many different types as you need.

  • Convert bids or budget items to work orders and purchase orders

    Skip the time, hassle and potential for duplicate entry errors. JobTread allows you to create work orders and purchase orders directly from your bids or your budget with just a few clicks.

  • Send orders directly from JobTread

    Work orders and purchase orders can be emailed to your subcontractors and vendors directly from JobTread. Not only does it take less time, but it also improves your audit trail.

  • Track work and purchase orders directly from your budget

    Pending and Approved work orders and purchase orders are displayed in your budget as committed cost. This real-time snapshot gives you insight into areas where things are progressing as expected, but more importantly, alerts you to areas where things may need action in order to keep things moving toward your expected financial goals.

  • Upload and attach files

    Keep you and your subcontractors and vendor organized and informed by attaching important documents, images, and even movies directly to your purchase and work orders.

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