JobTread has always been an API first company and is keenly focused on helping you create a connected ecosystem for all the other software that is important for your business. We understand that JobTread may not be able to meet all the unique needs of each business, so we‘ve made it easy to integrate with your existing technology!

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Built-in Integrations

JobTread has custom first-class integrations with QuickBooks Online and Slack. These are directly built into JobTread and can be set up and managed directly from your Settings page. These integrations operate in real time and are free with unlimited usage.

Zapier Integrations

JobTread also integrates with Zapier, an integration hub, that allows you to easily share data between JobTread and any other companies that also integrate with Zapier. Zapier has a free plan as well as paid plans, depending on which integrations you choose and the usage. Here are a few of the most popular integrations our customers use.

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Lead Generation

Automatically create Customers, Locations, Contacts, and Jobs in JobTread.

Contact Sync

Automatically add JobTread customer and vendor contacts to your phone.


Log inbound and outbound business calls in JobTread.

Reputation Management

Automate customer review collection when a job is closed.

Online Forms

Push data collected from online form submissions into JobTread.

Takeoff and Measurements

Created records in one platform creates the records in the other.


Created records in one platform creates the records in the other.

Email Marketing

Add and remove people to your email marketing campaigns.


Created records in one platform creates the records in the other.

File and Photo Management

Creating files in JobTread creates files in the other platform.

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