File Management

Organize your photos, videos, and files

Stay organized by storing Documents, Photos and Videos where they make sense. Store them at almost any level of the application - Organization, Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, Locations and Job Documents.
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JobTread Construction Software - managing construction job photos, videos, documents and other files

Manage Files

Improve efficiency and add clarity for everyone.
  • Upper Management can easily gain visibility into the day-to-day operations of the company
  • Office/Admin spend less time hunting down photos
  • Project Managers can easily stay on top of job site progress for all of their projects
  • Sales can easily capture the details needed to more effectively bid jobs
  • Crew Members can share job progress and task completion instantly

Upload Directly From Your Mobile Device

Upload Photos and Videos from your mobile device by selecting them from your library. Or save space on your device by bypassing your library and load them directly to the app as you take them.

Organize and Find Files Easily

Organize your files how it makes sense for your business by adding tags to your files. Easily locate files via search. Or filter your view by file type, tag, who uploaded it, and date range.

Add Comments To Files

Add context or start a conversation by adding comments to individual files. The files and comments show up in the activity feed so they can be responded to quickly and easily.

Our customers love JobTread! But don't just take our word for it.

Rated 5 Stars
Rated 5 Stars on Capterra for Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Value for Price!
Oscar Lazos III
Major League Home Services
Rated 5 Stars
"JobTread has increased my efficiency. I was using tons of programs to manage my business before. Now, I am able to do everything in one place, so it’s super easy. I love it."
Major League Home Services
Mark Redman
Lightpoint Designs
Rated 5 Stars
"Our previous system was difficult for all my team members to use. With JobTread, I am seeing higher employee and customer usage. JobTread is just more logical and simple for everyone."
Lightpoint Designs
Johnny Gray III
D&J Development
Rated 5 Stars
"JobTread allows us to be able to be completely virtual, since we have all of our stuff in one place and we can access it from anywhere."
D&J Development

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