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Episode 45

Get Out of Your Own HeadWith Dylan Martin of Absolute Design Build

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Meet Dylan Martin from Absolute Design Build, a third-generation builder in Austin, Texas. Starting his career in construction after a stint in the military and a brief foray into the corporate world, Dylan faced numerous challenges without a mentor. His turning point came after joining forces with his partner, Thomas, and later adding a third partner, John. Their combined expertise led to the rapid growth of Absolute Design Build, with their first year's cash flow hitting $1.2 million and subsequent years seeing significant increases. Dylan's approach to business focuses on transparency, effective systems, and a strong company culture, aiming to offer exceptional home renovation services while ensuring both his team and clients are well-supported. As he plans for the future, Dylan envisions a sustainable business model that allows for both personal and professional growth, setting a course for a balanced life beyond construction.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion with Dylan:

  • Making the transition to entrepreneurship
  • Learning through experience and overcoming challenges
  • Ensuring clients understand the costs and processes involved

Listen to the episode to learn more.


Visit Absolute Design Build website here.

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