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Episode 28

Building a Team of OwnersWith Nicholas Donlin of Zenith Design + Build

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Meet Nicholas Donlin, owner of Zenith Design + Build a top remodeling company based in Iowa. With a passion for both construction and technology since his younger years, Nicholas decided to take the plunge and establish Zenith in 2018, which is now projected to achieve $7.5 million in revenue this year. As a leader of an 18-person team, Nicholas is committed to fostering a shared sense of purpose and defined KPIs for each employee. Moreover, he emphasizes the value of leveraging coaching and peer groups as invaluable resources for accelerating business growth.

Here are a few key takeaways from our discussion with Nicholas:

  • Learning from growing too fast
  • Focusing on your internal team
  • Creating an online presence
  • Bringing design work in-house
  • Educating clients on the process

Listen to the episode to learn more.


Visit the Zenith Design + Build website here.

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