Builder Stories Podcast Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
Episode 44

Find the Solution & Keep GoingWith Mark Flanders of Blue Hill Building Co.

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Meet Mark Flanders, owner of Blue Hill Building Co. based in Bridgewater, Virginia. Mark shares his journey from growing up in the building business, taking drafting classes in high school, to eventually taking over his father’s company in 1998. Mark’s career saw significant evolution, including a pivotal role at CoConstruct during the Great Recession, which eventually led him to Virginia. Now, his company focuses primarily on remodeling and additions, managing projects ranging from $25,000 decks to $700,000 gut renovations. Mark emphasizes the value of networking, systems, and continuous learning, balancing the entrepreneurial spirit with practical challenges in the construction industry.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion with Mark:

  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Using subcontractors strategically
  • Leveraging technology for efficiency

Listen to the episode to learn more.

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