Builder Stories Podcast Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
Episode 24

Constantly Improve the Customer ExperienceWith Jeremy Maher of Phoenix Home Remodeling

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Meet Jeremy Maher, co-owner of Phoenix Home Remodeling in Chandler, Arizona. Jeremy's journey began after a disappointing encounter with a contractor, which motivated him to believe that he could run a contracting business more effectively. Seizing the opportunity, Jeremy, along with his former boss and the boss' brother, formed a partnership and launched a new home construction venture. With an initiative on continual improvement, Jeremy focuses his leadership on the technical side and building out processes to help the business grow.

Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion with Jeremy:

  • Guiding the business culture from the start
  • Making effective business decisions with partners
  • Creating specific and well-defined roles for your team
  • Gathering feedback and reviews from customers
  • Constantly improving the business processes

Listen to the episode to learn more.


Visit the Phoenix Home Remodeling website here.

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