Builder Stories Podcast Hosted by Eric Fortenberry
Episode 32

From Teacher to Lifelong StudentWith Elliott Wittstruck of Built with Love

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Meet Elliott Wittstruck owner of Built with Love, a remodeling company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning his journey as a music teacher, Elliott's path took a dynamic turn through roles as a landlord and handyman, eventually leading him to spearhead whole home remodels. At the core of Built with Love's ethos is a steadfast commitment to a growth mindset, a principle that Elliott has woven into the fabric of his business operations. With a dedicated team of twelve, Elliott champions the value of lifelong learning among his staff, ensuring that each member is not just building homes, but also building their future.

Here are a few key takeaways from our discussion with Elliott:

  • Nurturing growth in your own community
  • Mentoring others in the industry
  • Focusing on the customer experience
  • Earning referrals to grow the business
  • Pricing jobs accurately

Listen to the episode to learn more.


Visit the Built with Love website here.

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