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Burgess Construction: How this Deck Builder Improved Client Trust With JobTread


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Meet Nicole Hewlett, Operations Manager of Burgess Construction, a deck building company based in Snohomish, Washington. Nicole discusses how JobTread transformed their business.

Previously, everything was on paper, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. Now, with JobTread, all project information is centralized, improving communication, documentation, and budgeting. This has resulted in higher profitability and a more professional client experience. Nicole highlights the benefits of integrations and recommends Job Tread for its simplicity and impact on their operations.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion with Nicole:

  • Streamlining operations with centralized project info and communication
  • Elevating professionalism with detailed proposals that build client trust
  • Enhancing efficiency with seamless integration tools
  • Increasing profitability with clear budgets that boost profit margins

Can you describe your initial experience with JobTread?

"Before JobTread, everything was on paper. There were books and notebooks, and a lot of things slipped through the cracks. There was uncertainty about budgeting and missed opportunities. Now, we can see everything clearly and adjust budgets to ensure better profit margins. I know for a fact that our profitability has increased year over year thanks to JobTread."

Now, we can see everything clearly and adjust budgets to ensure better profit margins. I know for a fact that our profitability has increased year over year thanks to JobTread.

Can you explain how JobTread has helped your company win more jobs, complete them on time, and increase profits?

"From a customer aspect, when we send a proposal with photos and options they can select or deselect, it makes us stand out. This professionalism builds trust with our clients. This has been one of the biggest ways JobTread has transformed our business."

How has JobTread increased efficiency in your day-to-day responsibilities as Operations Manager?

"JobTread allowed for better documentation and communication with our customers. Stephanie Burgess, the owner, and I can both see everything we're doing with our clients in one place, whether it’s project photos or pre-project information. This level of organization means we no longer miss proposals and estimates, which has transformed our business."

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How did your company weigh the potential risks and benefits of implementing JobTread compared to other products?

"Without being tied to a long-term contract or high monthly fees, there’s no risk with JobTread. It’s fairly priced and worth every penny because it prevents the loss of important documents and photos, which in turn helps increase our profit."

Can you share the pivotal factor that led your company to choosing JobTread over the alternatives?

"Knowing JobTread could encompass everything we needed and continue to grow was the deciding factor. Unlike other services with negative reviews, JobTread was a safe and beneficial choice for us."

Would you recommend JobTread to other construction companies?

"Absolutely. I've already recommended it and even demoed it for one of my subcontractors. JobTread is one of the best, most simple software systems I’ve used across various industries. I have gratitude for JobTread transforming our business and making my job much more efficient."

Nicole’s Favorite JobTread Features

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1. Cost Catalog

"Having a built-out cost catalog and cost groups has made our processes faster and more accurate."

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construction estimating software that integrates with quickbooks

2. QuickBooks Integrations

"The QuickBooks integration simplifies the invoicing process."

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