JobTread is committed to delivering the highest level of service throughout your implementation process and beyond.

We'll be your guide to success!

When your business decides to implement JobTread, our team works with you to build out your organization so that it best matches the vision and unique needs of your company. We will help you develop a strategy for success that is informed by your goals and based on best practices we've learned from working with other businesses similar to yours. We will provide encouragement, assistance, and continued guidance as you execute and get moving in JobTread. And even once you have successfully implemented JobTread the help doesn't stop there. We are always just a text message, phone call, or email away.

“JobTread customer success has been awesome. They really quickly answer my questions and value my feedback. It is nice to have a personal touch rather than it being a pain to get issues resolved like with other software.”

Robin Horal, Takumi Design Build

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

Each customer has a dedicated specialist who works closely with your business to educate, support, implement, and train your team. They are your go-to resource for any questions or training needs. Save their contact information!


Onboarding Call

The implementation process begins with an onboarding call to meet your dedicated specialist and build a strategy to meet your goals for implementing JobTread. We will discuss the timeline you are working with as well as the data you currently have that you would like to import into the system.


Organization Setup

We have developed a proven process for getting your organization ready for you. When you first login to JobTread, you will be presented with a step by step setup guide that walks you through your initial setup. Don’t worry, we will be available to complete the setup process with you!

Here is a list of standard items we help with during the implementation process:

Setup cost codes, cost types, and units of measurement
Build out your cost catalog and budget template(s)
Create a schedule template for a sample job
Import your existing lists of customers, vendors, and data you have from other systems
Customize document templates for your proposals, purchase/work orders, and invoices
Add custom fields for data you want to track related to vendors, customers, jobs, and cost items
Link JobTread to your QuickBooks (online or desktop)
Setup EVO or Stripe so you can begin collecting customer payments

Most implementations take anywhere from 1 week to a month depending on the complexity of your setup. Please note that not all steps need to be completed for you to begin using JobTread.


Scheduled Trainings

We will schedule Zoom Trainings for you as we move through the implementation process. Your dedicated specialist will train you on the different pieces of JobTread and how you can mirror your existing processes into our system. These training sessions are also your chance to ask questions and provide feedback.


Ongoing Support

After your setup is complete, we will continue to help by providing any additional support or training you or anyone in your organization needs. Additionally, we have a number of resources available for you to take advantage of:

Help Desk

Access a host of articles and resources covering all aspects of JobTread. We take deep dives into every area of the platform so you can get your questions answered.

Video Library

Are you more of a visual learner? We have video tutorials and walk-throughs to guide you through the setup process and to help train you on each of the most used features in JobTread.

Membership to JobTread Pros Facebook Group

Connect with other contractors, share best practices, discuss business challenges, and learn tips & tricks that can help you be successful within the exclusive JobTread Facebook group. Our team will also post JobTread news and updates, questions for feedback, and other helpful resources.

Customer Engagement

We encourage constant growth and networking to maximize your success. You will be invited to several events throughout the year including our virtual Townhalls, annual JobTread Connect User Conference, community mixers, and occasional drive-in education sessions.

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