Adhering to logo brand guidelines is essential for maintaining consistency, professionalism, message clarity, trust, legal protection, scalability, and brand differentiation. It is a fundamental piece that contributes to the long-term success and recognition of JobTread.

Main Logo

Logo Variations

Inline Logos (Preferred)

The inline version of the logo is the foundation of the brand and should be included everywhere possible.

Stacked Logos

The stacked logo should be used only when space or composition will cause the standard logo to be too small.

Logo Spacing

Please ensure that you include the proper amount of clear space around the logo.

Preferred Clear Space
Minimum Clear Space

Logo Usage

The JobTread logo is the single most important element within our brand that must never be distorted or changed, for example, by altering the color. The correct logo must be used at all times. Carrect and incorrect uses are shown below (not all possibilites shown.)

Correct Usage

The logo may be placed over any brand colors or imagery. Make sure there is enough contrast between the logo and the background - the imagery or color must not interfere with the integrity of the logo.

Incorrect Usage

Don't ever do these!!!

Don't apply drop shadows or any other filters.
Don't cover the logo.
Don't apply outlines or alter the logo in any way
Don't re-color the logo in any way.
Don't remove any parts of the logo.
Don't stretch the logo - make sure the proper aspect ratio is preserved.

Logo Downloads

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