Like imagery, consistency in the usage of design elements plays a significant role in shaping our brand identity by creating relatable, and memorable connections with our audience. Below are some examples of the most common JobTread brand elements.

Brand Assets

Abstract Angles & Lines

Angles are used to add a little dynamism, garnering attention while also providing a flexible vehicle for balancing a composition.

Application Examples

Pills are an extension of angles and function similarly. They can be used as major elements, or background elements, and bleed off the page at a 45-degree angle.

Application Examples
Subtle Line Backgrounds

Heavily line-driven illustrations like blueprints can be used as background elements to add interest and aid in communication. They should be visible but not interfere with foreground elements.

Application Examples


Logo Mark

The brand mark can be used as a step and repeat pattern - most commonly as transparent white or a brand color.

Full Logo

The full mark can be used as a repeated pattern. Be sure to include ample space around the logo.


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