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Why I Switched to JobTread: Greg Junge Success Story

Greg Junge Construction’s portfolio includes high-end custom homes, commercial spaces, and major renovations. We interviewed Sam Stenard to understand his experience transitioning to the construction industry with JobTread.

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Interviewee: Sam Stenard
Job Title: Operations Manager
Company: Greg Junge Construction
Industry: General Contractor
Location: Mill Spring, NC

Transitioning to JobTread

Can you describe your initial experience with JobTread?

"I was a military officer until a year or two ago, so I had zero experience in construction. Joining Greg’s team was a leap of faith on his part. Despite never using construction management software, within a week or two of using JobTread, I was confidently sending bid requests. I sat down with JobTread and I instantly felt like I knew how to use it."

Can you elaborate on your experience transitioning to the construction industry and JobTread?

"JobTread's user-friendly interface and intuitive design made the transition seamless. I went from not even knowing what a bid request was, to sending purchase orders and building out a budget within a short timeframe."

How does JobTread cater to different types of projects?

"JobTread’s power lies in its high level of customization. Whether you’re remodeling or doing strictly outdoor projects, you can tailor JobTread exactly to your needs. You can create a dashboard that is optimized for you, select the fields you want, and create new custom fields that allow you to track a job through the various stages."

What features of JobTread are indispensable to you?

"I could not live without all of the document management features. We can send our proposals, pre-construction agreements, bid requests, purchase orders, and change orders from a simple platform. All of it is accessed, managed, and tracked. There's no documents getting lost in individual people's emails."

Would you recommend JobTread to other construction companies?

"Yes, I absolutely recommend JobTread to our peers in the construction industry. It is such an easy to use platform that can be tailored to your individual needs and the JobTread team is not like anyone else I've ever worked with.”"

What makes the JobTread team so unique?

"Software features obviously matter. But what matters just as much is the team behind it. And the team at JobTread is not like any other team I've ever encountered. They care so much about the product. They're so personable, so easy to work with. If you have the slightest issue you can have someone in seconds helping you. That's what sets Job Tread apart from other software solutions."

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Sam’s Favorite JobTread Features

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1. Document Management

"I can't imagine building a home without JobTread. The number of documents involved in a new home build can span up to 18 months from conceptualization to completion. Bid requests, various revisions of plans, purchase orders, change orders, and the budget itself would be completely unwieldy if it weren't for JobTread. I feel certain that we are able to deliver the most value to our client by tracking the experience through JobTread."

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2. Integrations

"Two of the biggest integrations we use are QuickBooks and Zapier. JobTread creates a seamless integration between everything that's happening and our company-wide financial outlook, which is all in QuickBooks. While Zapier allows you to connect JobTread to virtually any other app you use. For example, we use Zapier to automatically send text messages when we send bid requests or proposals to our clients."

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3. Selections

"JobTread’s selections feature is awesome. Recently, while constructing a client's house, we offered various upgrades like a poured concrete patio and granite countertops. To our surprise, she selected all of the potential upgrades. This client found so much value and JobTread was so easy to use that she opted into all of them."

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