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Why I Chose JobTread and Made the Switch - Roseville Kitchen & Bath

Roseville Kitchen & Bath is one of many customers who have made the switch from BuilderTrend to JobTread. We wanted to learn more about why they chose to switch and how JobTread has benefitted their business, so we interviewed Tony Elliott, Owner of Roseville Kitchen and Bath.

Reseville Kitchen & Bath
“Do not hesitate to get JobTread. Of all the software I‘ve used, this is the most logical with the smallest learning curve to start using it.”
- Tony Elliott, Owner, Roseville Kitchen and Bath
Owner: Tony Elliott
Industry: Remodeling
Year Founded: 2007
Location: Roseville, CA

What Prompted You to Switch Technology?

Tony’s team of 9 employees typically runs 6 renovation and remodeling jobs per month with an average cost of $50k each. After using BuilderTrend for several years, he was struggling to consistently hit his target profit margins and realized there are a lot of extra features in the software that were not helpful to his team.

Roseville Kitchen & Bath was paying approximately $500 per month and the software still did not meet his business needs. According to Tony, “It was cumbersome to navigate and had limited flexibility unless we paid more to access additional options. In order to use BuilderTrend, I had to change my world to match theirs.” Ultimately, the rigidity of the BuilderTrend software caused Tony to explore other options. His goal was to find a software solution that was both simple to use and flexible enough to adapt to his company’s needs.

Why Did You Choose JobTread?

Tony’s team enjoys how intuitive JobTread is to navigate and that it requires minimal training to get started. His team looked at four other software options and chose JobTread because of its ease of use, while still having all the functionality he needed.

“JobTread is the first software to adapt to me and my business. It has a great flow, it’s intuitive, and it just works.”

Tony Elliott

What are Your Favorite Features?

  • Estimates / Proposals

    JobTread has given Tony “the ability to produce proposals faster, ensure their accuracy, and make changes easily.” His team can build an estimate template once and use it over and over again by making small changes that are specific to each job.

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  • Customer Invoicing

    Generating invoices is simple and requires little to no extra effort once his estimate is built. Tony also loves that he can easily see which invoices are paid or outstanding, and he knows when customers have viewed them.

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    Customer Invoice
  • Photo and Video Uploads

    Uploading photos and videos throughout each job is fast and easy. Tony’s team also appreciates that they can take photos directly from the mobile app so they can quickly address issues and always know the latest progress for their jobs.

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    Upload files images and videos
  • Vendor Portals

    Tony’s subcontractors love the vendor portals because the work orders are now clear and show them exactly what needs to be done. They also make it easier to communicate, share progress updates, and get questions answered quickly.

    Vendor Portal

Have You Had Any Unexpected Surprises Since Implementing JobTread?

Despite having low expectations after a long history of using software that fell short of meeting his needs, Tony continues to find unexpected ways that JobTread can support his business’ success. Roseville Kitchen and Bath’s transition to JobTread has since prompted them to cancel three other paid software subscriptions including BuilderTrend, Quickbase, and Dropbox.

“The more I use JobTread, the more it becomes my one-stop-shop. Since implementing JobTread, I have been able to cancel three other software subscriptions totalling over $1,000 each month - BuilderTrend, Quickbase, and Dropbox.”

Tony Elliott

What is the Most Impressive Part of JobTread?

Tony is most impressed by the reliability of the JobTread support team and the software itself. Each time he asks a question, he receives a prompt response. He was amazed when he sent an email after midnight and received a response right away.

Unlike other software platforms, JobTread has never interrupted his company’s progress by freezing or crashing. Tony stressed, “trust me, my team would be the first to complain about a failure, but it has never happened.” His team’s ability to access and depend on a software system at all times is a stark contrast to former software they have used and has led to a major productivity boost.

“The JobTread customer service has been phenomenal from day one, and they have been exceptionally responsive to everything.”

Tony Elliott

What would you say to other people who are considering JobTread?

“Do not hesitate to get JobTread. Of all the software I‘ve used, this is the most logical with the smallest learning curve to start using it. There is not a single negative thing I can say about the software. I don’t want anyone to hesitate because they think it will be difficult to learn and use, because it is not at all. My team was able to jump in immediately and our profit margins have improved and become more consistent since using it.”

Tony Elliott
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