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Why I Switched to JobTread: J Designs Success Story

J Designs Pool & Spa transforms outdoor spaces by providing design, new construction, and renovation services. We interviewed Liliana Escudero to understand their decision to switch from their previous pool estimating software to JobTread.

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Interviewee: Liliana Escudero
Job Title: Co-Owner & COO
Company: J Designs Pool & Spa
Industry: Pool Building
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Challenges Before Choosing JobTread

What were your main challenges before using JobTread?

"The previous software wasn't user-friendly, especially for someone constantly on the phone. It was rigid and that made data entry and integration difficult."

Can you explain what was so difficult about data entry and integration with your old software?

"Data entry was a time-consuming and error-prone process. Integrating the old software with other tools or platforms was complicated, often leading to compatibility issues and inefficiencies in workflow management."

How did your previous software's limitations affect your team and client relationships?

"The rigid nature of our old software caused stress for my team, as it often crashed when uploading large files. This caused stress for my husband and made transferring data challenging. It also led to misunderstandings with clients about project progress and financial data, unlike JobTread, which has been seamless during onboarding."

Can you explain what you mean when you say the other software was rigid?

"It lacked flexibility and adaptability. Everything was confined to predefined spaces, and there was no room for creativity or innovation. If I wanted to explore different functionalities like integrating with Zapier, it wasn't possible. The software didn't allow for any deviation from its structured framework, making it challenging to implement new ideas or processes."

Do you have an example where the inflexibility of the previous software had a negative impact?

"With over 200 projects spanning 12 years stored within the system, exporting data was such a nightmare that I had to resort to hiring someone to manually download and replicate each item — consuming time and risking accuracy. If a customer called about a project completed two years ago, the software's constraints made retrieving that information a painstaking process."

How did you discover JobTread and what prompted you to make the switch?

"I found JobTread at the Long Beach Pool and Spa Expo. With 20 years in pool construction and a finance background, its speed and integration caught my eye. JobTread's continuous improvement and user-centric approach won me over."

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Benefits of Using JobTread

What JobTread features do you find most beneficial for your business?

"I use almost everything in JobTread, from estimating to budgeting. The feature I'm currently exploring with excitement is creating parameters and formulas to speed up estimating jobs."

How has JobTread helped improve communication and transparency with your clients?

"Daily logs in JobTread allow us to share project updates transparently with clients, building trust and ensuring everyone is on the same page."

Why do you believe continuous learning and growth are essential in the construction industry?

"In an ever-evolving industry like construction, continuous learning ensures we meet high standards and provide the best service to our customers, ultimately benefiting the entire industry."

Would you recommend JobTread to other construction companies?

"Absolutely! JobTread's flexibility and integration capabilities make it a game-changer for pool builders like me, especially with its user-friendly interface and robust features."

Do you have any final thoughts on JobTread?

"I'm incredibly impressed with JobTread's commitment to excellence, from their software to their conference experience. It's unlike anything I've seen in my 20 years in the industry."

Liliana's Favorite JobTread Features

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1. Daily Logs

"Daily logs tell the story of a project and we like to be transparent. We strive to be trustworthy as a company. Our customers see every daily log. When there’s internal communication, we use the internal dashboard. Building that trust that aligns with our values, and it's so easy because it makes communications easier. The whole team knows what's happening. So if a customer calls, we all know what's going on."

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2. Integrations

"I love that JobTread is an open API, seamlessly connecting to our other robust tools. It saves me tons of time. It simplifies data entry, ensuring accuracy by avoiding mistakes like misspelled names. Plus, with a recent sub integration, I can correct any errors, which is a huge time-saver."

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3. Customer Portal

"JobTread is so user-friendly that I no longer have customers calling because they don’t understand how to use the software or where to look at their numbers. Communication and transparency is easier with the Customer Portal."

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