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Why I Switched to JobTread: Nailed It Success Story

Nailed It LLC delivers comprehensive home remodeling services. We interviewed Garrett Stump to understand their decision to switch from their previous construction management software to JobTread.

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Interviewee: Garrett Stump
Job Title: Owner
Company: Nailed It
Industry: Remodeling
Location: Ashtabula, OH

Challenges Before Choosing JobTread

What were the biggest challenges you faced in your construction projects prior to using JobTread?

"Before JobTread, I was using other softwares and I couldn’t afford to hire anybody else. I was so disorganized that I didn't know how much money I was making or how much money I was spending. I struggled with inaccurate job costing, and inefficiencies in communication and project management."

How did those challenges impact your team's morale, project timelines, and client relationships?

"The lack of organization and visibility into project finances made it difficult to hire additional help and affected my family life. I would come home from a long day's work, sometimes 14 hour days, and I have kids at home but I’d still have work to do. JobTread changed that by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and providing real-time data."

Which JobTread features have made the biggest impact on your remodeling business?

"Investing in efficiency is crucial for success. Take the leap, explore the software, and leverage resources like pre-built templates to streamline your workflow. You can customize the templates to align with your specific needs and preferences."

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Benefits of Using JobTread

Which JobTread features have made the biggest impact on your remodeling business?

"Invoicing, photo uploading and tagging, and financial dashboard visibility have been game-changers for us. Thanks to JobTread, we’ve improved cash flow, profitability, transparency, accountability, and resource allocation. JobTread made the numbers visible so I can make legitimate changes so we could actually be a profitable company."

How would you describe JobTread’s customer support?

"I've worked with many other products and I've landed on JobTread. I believe in JobTread and I believe in the team. It doesn't seem like any of my requests go unheard. It's a whole community. I know if I say something to Travis, Eric, Stephanie, or Riley or whoever, it won't go in one ear and out the other."

Would you recommend JobTread to other construction companies?

"Absolutely. JobTread's comprehensive features and responsive team make it a must-have for any contractor looking to streamline operations and achieve success. The whole team honed in on me, trained me on the product, and showed me how I can utilize it."

Any last remaining thoughts or advice for remodelers looking to grow their business?

"In 2024, writing on a napkin is no longer an acceptable form of doing an estimate, or doing a ballpark estimate, or doing anything for that matter other than wiping food off your face. If you want to be a professional company, you have to give a professional appearance. Spend the money, buy a subscription to JobTread and do yourself a favor. Learn it, have your team learn it, and then just be successful. It really just takes sharpening your mind and using these products at your disposal and doing what needs to be done, and you'll be successful."

Garrett’s Favorite JobTread Features

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1. Invoicing

"JobTread has awesome invoicing capabilities. You can create, change, and send invoices straight from JobTread, which makes billing easier and saves time. We can keep money coming in smoothly and stay profitable."

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2. Files, Photos & Videos

"The ability to upload photos and tag them by the project phases, whether it’s the pre-construction or completion phase, helps us create a clear visual timeline of projects and maintain accountability. Our transparency and collaboration with employees, customers, vendors, and subs has improved."

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3. Job Budget

"Being able to view financial data on the job budget dashboard allows me to understand my project's profitability by comparing expected numbers with actual figures. With this visibility, I can proactively address any financial issues and make adjustments as needed to prevent them."

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