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Why I Switched to JobTread: Jacob’s Ladder Success Story

Jacob’s Ladder performs a variety of both residential and commercial building services including siding, roofing, painting, and windows. We interviewed Cortni Byrd to understand their decision to switch from their previous software to JobTread.

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Interviewee: Cortni Byrd
Job Title: Director of Operations
Company: Jacob’s Ladder
Industry: Residential and Commercial Building Services
Year Founded: 2002
Location: Richmond, VA

Challenges Pre-JobTread

What were the biggest challenges you encountered in your construction projects prior to using JobTread?

"Our main hurdles revolved around getting our project managers onboard with the software we had. They weren't connected to it, so I ended up being the sole user. It wasn't efficient as everyone relied on Excel sheets, and I aimed to transition them to a more effective cloud-based program like JobTread. It wasn’t efficient for our company."

How did those challenges impact your team's morale, project timelines, and client relationships?

"The lack of efficient tracking slowed down processes, making it hard to monitor job progress in the pipeline effectively. Obtaining and maintaining consistent data across the board became challenging for everybody. With everyone operating differently, we lacked synchronization, causing confusion regarding estimates, invoices, and scheduling."

Could you explain how these delays impacted your operations?

"The delays meant we often didn't know how long invoices had been unpaid, leading to financial uncertainties. Additionally, there was no clear timeline for estimates or schedules, resulting in disjointed communication. For instance, questions like when estimates were sent out or why invoices remain unpaid arose frequently, indicating disorganization and a lack of synchronization in our operations. It was discombobulated and disconnected. We weren't all looking at the same type of data at the same time."

What specific features or capabilities were you looking for in a construction management software?

"We were looking for something that could do the job costing for us, as well as something that would allow us to do the estimation and send the proposal, and do it in a fashion that aligned with our brand. We needed something that looked modern and had a lot of capabilities on your phone or on the computer, since our guys are on the go as well as our customers."

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Key Moment: Choosing JobTread

Can you share the pivotal moment that led to choosing JobTread?

"My "aha" moment came when discussing the different integrations with Travis, our dedicated Customer Success Manager. The ability to integrate with QuickBooks meant our team could focus on JobTread, streamlining accounting and operational tasks."

What specific aspect of JobTread's integration with QuickBooks stood out to you?

"The integration relieved our team from the complexities of QuickBooks, allowing them to concentrate on JobTread for project management. This separation of tasks enhanced our efficiency in accounting and sales."

JobTread Integrations

How has JobTread's integrations impacted your team's focus and productivity?

"With JobTread's integrations, our team now divides tasks effectively. I handle accounting while they concentrate on customer relations and sales. It's a significant improvement in our workflow and client interactions."

Can you share an example illustrating the frustrations of manual double entry and the lack of integrations?

"We used a popular software before JobTread, and while it offered robust reporting, it lacked the personal touch we needed. The hassle arose when dealing with customer data. If we entered a customer into QuickBooks, I had to manually duplicate the entry in the other software. This redundant process not only wasted time and money, but also incurred unnecessary costs. It wasn't user-friendly like JobTread, which offers seamless integration and support."

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Construction Software Value & Features

How do you explain the value of integrations to construction business owners and project managers?

"Integrations are a game-changer, especially for small businesses like ours. They save an incredible amount of time, allowing us to focus on essential tasks that drive profitability and growth. For instance, avoiding mundane double entry tasks for about 20 hours a month means we can invest that time into more productive endeavors. Integrations are key because they streamline operations, boost efficiency, and ultimately enhance profitability."

Can Job Tread help grow a construction business, and how would you convince someone of its benefits?

"Definitely, Job Tread fosters business growth by prioritizing personal support and fostering a vibrant community. It's about more than just money—it's about efficiency and savings. As Director of Operations, efficiency matters most. By becoming more efficient, you save money, whether or not you're making more. It's like having money in your pocket either way."

Cortni’s JobTread Experience & Recommendations

Can you share a personal experience with JobTread's support team?

"I always reach out to Travis with questions, and he's consistently responsive and dedicated to finding solutions. The support makes you feel connected; you're not chasing answers in a big pond. It's reassuring to have that level of personalized assistance."

Would you recommend JobTread to other construction companies?

"Absolutely. JobTread enhances efficiency, strengthens weak spots, and fosters a supportive community, making it invaluable for growth. It helps you focus on the things that are important and cut the fat. JobTread also helps you recognize where you're doing really well."

Cortni’s Favorite JobTread Features

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1. Estimating and Proposals

"Efficiently creating branded estimates and proposals across mobile and desktop is vital, especially for our on-the-go team and customers. JobTread meets clients' needs for cloud access and real-time interaction, unlike other software."

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2. QuickBooks Integration

"The integration with QuickBooks in JobTread was fantastic, allowing us to streamline accounting tasks and focus more on customer relations. It took away the headache of handling numbers in QuickBooks, letting us focus on sales and customer service instead. It makes handling bills and payments between JobTread and QuickBooks a breeze, helping us get things done more efficiently and smoothly."

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3. Job Costing

"The job costing feature in JobTread helps track profits, keeping the team accountable and cash flow transparent. It allows us to monitor expenses in real-time and has significantly boosted our team’s ability to increase company profits. They can focus more on doing what they do best, which is sell jobs."

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4. Zapier Integration

"With the Zapier integration, data flows effortlessly, enabling instant updates and insights. By pulling data from Job Tread into a Google spreadsheet, I create dynamic charts that track our sales goals and ROI. The Zapier integration helps us make smart choices about where to invest in marketing and how to allocate resources."

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5. Reporting

"The reporting tool, with profit and cash flow analysis, enhances team productivity and effectiveness. It's crucial for managing subcontractors and project deadlines by tracking hours and resolving issues promptly, fostering better communication and task management."

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