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JobTread vs BuilderTrend

By: Anna HunterSearching For Estimating and Job Management Software

Every software company can produce a list of reasons why their product stands out from the competition. While we could easily do that too, we’d rather have customers share their perspectives. After interviewing several contractors who have switched from Buildertrend to JobTread, eight major themes arose that highlight the differences between them.

Price & Affordability

After paying hefty subscription fees for Buildertrend, contractors were relieved to find that JobTread is much more affordable, without compromising features and quality. The JobTread pricing structure also provides access to all features rather than dividing features into price brackets. This guarantees that there is no limit to how JobTread supports contractor success. The JobTread subscription grants access to all features and contractors will only paying for the number of internal users they have in the system.

“I am impressed by the organization and simplicity you get from JobTread at such a good price. It’s the best bang for your buck.”

AJ Wehner, AW Squared Construction

Ease of Use

JobTread is described as easy to use while Buildertrend was overwhelming. Contractors further explained that the JobTread interface is simple, straightforward, and visually appealing and that the Buildertrend platform was difficult to learn and cumbersome to navigate. JobTread’s seemless user experience is enhanced by fully integrated features, eliminating the need for double entry and reducing chances for error.

“A major difference between JobTread and Buildertrend is the visual appearance. When you get into JobTread, you quickly figure out how to navigate it. Buildertrend has always been so complicated. You have to know where they put stuff, you had to dig or search for everything.”

Nate Burket, Lakeview Home Improvement

Customer Support

JobTread Customer Success is more accessible and approachable than Buildertrend. Contractors shared that they can successfully reach their dedicated JobTread Customer Success manager as soon as they need assistance via text, phone call, or email. They stressed that the JobTread team listens, response times are fast, and they are always helpful. When contacting Buildertrend customer service for support, they were transferred several times and the staff were often unable to provide the answers needed.

“Customer success is always available at JobTread. If I text, email or call, they always respond very quickly. At Buildertrend, I couldn't get ahold of a live person... it was almost impossible.”

Valerie Thomas, D&J Development

Implementation Process

JobTread’s fast, personalized onboarding and unlimited free training far exceeded the standardized, drawn-out onboarding and paid training available through Buildertrend. JobTread’s 5-step implementation process can be completed within 1 week to 1 month, depending on the contractor’s desired timeline. The process to implement Buildertrend was difficult and lengthy. After onboarding, contractors were transferred to an account manager who was less available and did not fully understand their business needs.

“The cost of Buildertrend training is outrageous and the onboarding was rigid. JobTread training is free and onboarding was extremely flexible. JobTread is just much more simple.”

TJ Wood, Pinch A Penny 153

Team Adoption

JobTread is much more user-friendly and accessible for employees, customers, and vendors. Users frequently compliment the system and share that it is organized, professional, and simple to learn and use. When using Buildertrend, contractors struggled to teach team members how to navigate the platform which often resulted in the need to pay for their employees to attend Buildertrend training. The simplicity of JobTread empowers contractors to train their own employees with continued free unlimited training available on an as-needed basis.

“My new employee picked up on JobTread quickly and is already using it after 4 days of working here. When I was considering hiring when using Buildertrend, I was freaking out because I knew that person would need to learn the Buildertrend system. I had to have them go through 3 weeks of Buildertrend training. Now I walk them through JobTread myself, it's a lot easier.”

Nate Burket, Lakeview Home Improvement

Ability to Customize

While both Jobtread and Buildertrend were built to assist contractors in managing their construction projects, JobTread is more adaptable to meet the unique needs of a variety of contractors. When adopting JobTread, contractors don’t need to change existing business processes as JobTread can adapt to their current systems and workflows. Buildertrend customization options are limited and must be requested through their Customer Service department.

“Your software has made my life so much easier. It's because you allow us to make changes that are needed. Buildertrend does not. You have to use whatever language is already in Buildertrend. The layout in Buildertrend is how they want it.”

TJ Wood, Pinch A Penny 153

Speed & Accessibility

The JobTread platform is exceptionally fast unlike Buildertrend where contractors are often waiting for pages to load. Additionally, all JobTread features are accessible on mobile devices while Buildertrend’s mobile app offers limited features, requiring many tasks to be completed on a computer. Customers and vendors can access their JobTread portals more easily as they are not required to create a login or download an app.

“Buildertrend required subcontractors and customers to download apps and be tech-savvy to use it. JobTread relieves that burden because it doesn’t require customers and subcontractors to download anything. It is easy for them to use.”

Monick Ghanhdi, Dazzling Homes Corp.


JobTread’s feature list is growing quickly and the number of features available are just shy of the features within BuilderTrend. Yet regardless of the number of features a software offers… the most important question is if people are using it. The scale tips toward JobTread when describing the quality of features offered. Bryan Wymer of JB Contracting shared that "JobTread’s features are easy to use and much less complicated than other software I have used like Buildertrend and CoConstruct." JobTread’s features are described as easier to use, higher quality, user-friendly, seamless, customizable, automated, and impressive.

“JobTread features far outweigh what Buildertrend does. JobTread features are much more flexible. When I need to make a change, I can do so on the fly. I can have my standard templates, but make adjustments for my different jobs.”

TJ Wood, Pinch A Penny 153
$149 + $20/user/month
Lead Management (CRM)
Messaging & Comments
Time Clock
Daily Logs
File, Photo, & Video Storage
Customer Portal
Vendor Portal
Estimating & Proposals
Contracts & eSignatures
Bid Management
Job Costing
Purchase Orders
Change Orders
Payment Processing
Advanced Reporting
QuickBooks Online Integration
QuickBooks Desktop Integration
Slack Integration
Zapier Integration
Open API
Mobile Access to All Features

“JobTread has taken so much pressure off me because we have a lot of work. Software shouldn't add pressure, and once we switched to JobTread, I am much more at ease. I really love JobTread and I am so glad we changed.”

Valerie Thomas, D&J Development

If you are looking for a software solution that will make your life easier, JobTread is the one for you!

JobTread Dashboard - Desktop and Mobile

But we get it, you need to make that decision for yourself. Schedule a demo to see this amazing product in action and understand how it will support your business.

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