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Construction CRM Software

Customizable CRM for construction businesses

Manage customer and vendor accounts, contacts, locations and jobs with custom fields and automatic location-based sales tax rate tracking.

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Complete Construction Management Software

Manage your entire construction life from one location

Regardless of whether you are in the office, in the field, or somewhere in between, JobTread makes it easy to get the data you need on whatever device you need it.

Manage Customer and Vendor information

Collect and organize customer and vendor information, documents, contacts, photos, videos and more with custom fields.

Maintain accurate and consistent costing

Build out reusable cost items and cost group templates that can be used within any budget.

Keep jobs on time and on budget

Stay on top of job budgets and easily manage all job documents such as bids, estimates, change order, purchase orders, invoices and bills. Track job progress with photos and videos.

Analyze performance

Get real-time key indicators to alert you before a job starts falling behind your budgeted goals. Easily see where your company and/or team members are succeeding and where improvement is required.
Construction CRM - Manage custom fields
Custom Fields

Customize to fit your business needs

Create custom fields to record and track data that is important to your already established work-flows and procedures.

  • Add Custom Fields to Cost Items, Locations, Customers, Customer Contacts, Jobs, Vendors and Vendor Contacts
  • Built-in Data Type Templates ensure smarter and more consistent data collection and tracking
  • Deep field customization options allow you to set default value, requirement validation and allow multiple entries

Location-Based Sales Tax Tracking

Did you know that many locations require tax to be charged based off of the location of the job and not the location of your company? It can be next to impossible to keep track of the variances in tax if you work in many different cities/counties. And failing to charge the correct amount of tax can result in heavy IRS fines and potential repayment to overcharged customers. That’s why JobTread keeps track of the tax you should be charging in real time.

Manage Files

Organize photos, videos and documents

Stay organized by storing Documents, Photos and Videos where they make sense. Store them at almost any level of the application - Organization, Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, Locations and Job Documents.

  • Upload multiple files at the same time
  • Upload almost any file type
  • No cost increases for storage on most accounts
JobTread Construction Software - managing construction job photos, videos, documents and other files JobTread Construction Software - managing construction job photos, videos, documents and other files

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