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Product Update

Targeted Messaging and File Sharing

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Enhanced communication tools are now at your fingertips! Bring the right people and information together in job conversations and give them access to specific job files. Information sharing with internal team members, customers, and vendors has never been easier.

Targeted Messaging and Notification Preferences

Role-Based File Sharing Examples

Centralize all your job communications in one place and loop key players into conversations with JobTread’s new Targeted Messaging feature! Engage in conversations with internal users, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors to create a virtual “paper trail” that eliminates the “he said, she said” game.

Communicate with multiple customer contacts and/or vendors and subs at once! Simply mention @vendors or @customers while writing a comment and those directly associated with the job, document, or task will be able to reply to the conversation thread in their portal. Better yet, they will receive an email notification if they are invited to a conversation.

Target internal users by @ mentioning their role, such as @sitesupervisor, @projectmanager, or @fieldworker and those who have access to the job, document, or task will receive a notification. Want to communicate with a specific internal user, customer or vendor? Just @ mention their name! With access to the same information, everyone in the thread can work in sync, and new users have full context when they are added.

Notification preferences allow you to customize if you’d like to receive email notifications for all comments you can see, or just those that @ mention you or your role. You can even choose to limit notifications to the ones from Customers and/or Vendors on Jobs you have access to.

Role-Based File Sharing

Role-Based File Sharing Examples

Provide access to job files, photos, and videos with JobTread’s new Role-based File Sharing feature! This new feature allows you to share files with internal team members, customers, and/or vendors based on their roles. Those who have access to a file can add comments and view all other comments on that file.

Share files to internal and external user roles by granting permission to specific file tags with the desired roles. Then when adding files to a job, simply add the “Customer” tag to a file you would like visible to the customers and the “Vendors” tag to files you would like visible to vendors. Each file can be assigned multiple tags if you would like to share an individual file with several internal and external users. JobTread gives you the power to further customize file sharing by creating and assigning endless file tags for each user role.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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JobTread’s new Targeted Messaging and File Sharing empowers project teams to share ideas, make decisions, and move work forward with a common purpose and place.

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