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The Pool Builder's Guide to Estimating, Scheduling and Beyond

By: Eric FortenberryBuilder searching for pool construction estimating software

Maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your pool construction projects can be challenging, especially when you’re busy creating a backyard oasis tailored to customer preferences. Even well-established pool and spa builders struggle with completing projects on budget and on time.

Thankfully, improving your processes for estimating, scheduling, and managing customers can enhance productivity and reduce costly errors.

Armed with insights from collaborating with pool builders across the world, we’re now offering some simple yet powerful tips to improve these three essential processes. So let’s take a plunge, explore these ideas, and create ripples in the pool construction industry.

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Tips for better estimating, scheduling, and customer management in pool construction:


Fast and Accurate Pool Construction Estimates

  • Avoid starting from scratch every time by preparing reusable budget templates for your most common projects.
  • Calculate sales prices from your budgeted cost and include your target profit margins without using error-prone and time-consuming manual methods.
  • Make a memorable impact with branded proposal templates that stand out from the competition.
  • Establish a realistic goal turnaround time from estimate to proposal, equipping you to win more jobs in less time.

Proactive and Organized Pool Building Schedules

  • Build and reuse template-driven schedule sequences and recurring tasks, keeping your projects on track with realistic deadlines.
  • Utilize Gantt charts and timeline visualizations for your project schedule, allowing you to see task dependencies and track progress easily.
  • Always determine available capacity and identify potential bottlenecks to maximize productivity.
  • Promptly communicate any schedule changes to all stakeholders to ensure everyone is aware of the updated timeline and can adjust their plans accordingly.

Trusting and Transparent Customer Relationships

  • Organize a central location for customers to easily access all documents, communications, and invoices throughout their pool building process.
  • Maintain transparency by sharing files and progress photos with your clients, ensuring they are well-informed and on the same page.
  • Track and respond to customer feedback in a timely and professional manner, cultivating trust that facilitates more repeat business and referrals.
  • Leverage technology for scheduling, updates, and communication to improve client engagement and satisfaction.

Evaluate Your Pool Estimating Software

Outdated software and inefficient workflows can jeopardize your estimates, schedules, customer relationships, and beyond. Evaluate the simplicity, flexibility, and power of your pool estimating software. Most importantly, ensure your software provides the comprehensive support you need to navigate the features effectively.

At JobTread, we provide all the tools and support required to manage your pool construction projects with confidence. Our all-in-one pool estimating software is fast, easy to use, and works across all devices. Schedule a demo to discover the many reasons why more and more pool builders are switching to JobTread.

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