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Product Update

More Robust Job Budget and Document Builder

By: Eric Fortenberry

You shared, we listened! Introducing new and improved Job Budgets and Document Builder that will elevate your business management processes! Our updates not only make JobTread faster, but even more flexible, powerful, and user-friendly. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

Job Budget Updates

  • Enhanced responsiveness with faster loading times designed to handle extremely large budgets.
  • Improved design with a more compact view, so you can see more line items on the screen at once.
  • Easier to view and navigate on your mobile device.
  • Customize and save views so each team member can focus on the data that is most relevant to them.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate your budget quickly and efficiently, similar to Excel.
  • In-line text editing to minimize clicks and easily update line items.
  • Additional mass actions that allow you to update multiple line items at once.
  • Additional columns and data points to keep track of your job’s financial performance.

Document Builder Updates

  • Percentage-based invoicing capability to collect deposits and progress payments throughout the job.
  • Additional display options to control which columns and information is included on Documents and PDFs.
  • Display already invoiced / billed amounts and remaining balances on customer invoices and vendor bills.
  • Ability to add and remove existing budget line items to / from Draft Documents.
  • From Draft Documents, you can now create new line items not currently in your budget and have them automatically added to the budget.
  • Ability to reorder and regroup document line items without affecting your budget.
  • Improved design that makes the document-building process more intuitive.

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The JobTread Budget and Document updates give you the speed, power, and flexibility to grow your business and increase your profits.

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