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June Updates - QuickBooks Attachments, Task Types, and more!

By: Eric FortenberryJune Updates - QuickBooks Attachments, Task Types, and more!

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Feature Update

Task Types and Schedule Updates

Customize and assign color-coded task types to easily identify tasks by trades, departments, priorities, or any other type! Assigned colors will be visible across all schedule views, providing a visual cue for quick reference and improved clarity. Additionally, a new schedule heat map feature provides a visual representation of team members' daily task load relative to their typical workload. View the organization-wide Gantt chart and group by assignee for this high-level overview of task distribution. Lastly, users can now export each type of schedule view as a PDF document, making it effortless to share and distribute schedules with stakeholders.
New Update

QuickBooks Online Attachments

Include attachments when pushing/pulling documents between JobTread and QuickBooks Online! Files attached to invoices, bills, refunds, and credits in JobTread will now be attached to QuickBooks documents when the document is pushed and when a new file is uploaded at a later time. Attachments created in QuickBooks will now appear in JobTread when the document is pulled. Head to your integration settings to enable this feature today!
Feature Update

Log Customer/Vendor Credits and Refunds

Record customer or vendor credits and refunds in JobTread! Any invoice or bill with a negative total now displays options to add the amount as a Credit or Refund in the job budget. Also, use the 2-way sync to record, apply, and track credits and refunds between JobTread and QuickBooks Online! Begin by enabling the “Sync Credits” option in the QuickBooks Online integration settings.
Feature Update

Task Dependencies with Lag Time

Managing dependencies and lag time between tasks just got easier! View, add, and remove task dependencies within the task drawer while viewing your task on a job schedule, customer or vendor account, or the organization task tool. Specify whether to anchor the dependency to the beginning or end of the dependant task and even lock the dependency to preserve the lag time between the tasks when adjusting your schedule. This update also gives you the ability to clone a task with its details and checklists!
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