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May 2024: Construction Management Software Product Updates

By: Eric FortenberryConstruction management software

JobTread has had a busy first and second quarter of 2024, as they announced new product updates at their May webinar. From budget and communication updates to photo and PDF markup. These new features, as requested by JobTread customers, are enhancing the work flows of contractors across the globe.

Here are three of the top recent updates:


Photo Markup & Annotations

Seamlessly mark up photos with annotations to enhance your project management. From highlighting structural issues to pinpointing specific design elements, use free draw, shapes, arrows, text, polylines, and timestamps to provide additional visual documentation. With the ability to choose colors, add fill colors, adjust transparency, and easily select, resize, and rearrange annotations, your team gains unparalleled precision and efficiency in communicating project details. You even have the ability to mark up photos while adding them to daily logs, tasks, and messages. Add comments, circle problem areas, and better communicate with your team through photo markup today!

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Track Cost & Time by Cost Code

Choose how you would like to track and project job costs, whether you prefer a more detailed approach using cost items or more broadly by cost code. This allows you to build detailed estimates using cost items and easily view your budget by cost code once the job is underway. Employees can select a cost code for each time entry when logging time and bills can be reconciled to cost codes to simplify the billing process. When tracking by cost code, all projections will be aggregated at the code level in the job budget as well as the Work in Progress (WIP) report.

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Targeted Messaging

Define recipients when adding messages on activity feeds, documents, tasks, daily logs, files, and more! Whether it's internal team members or external customers and vendors, invite them to each conversation by selecting their role or individual names. This ensures that only those invited can view and message in the thread, fostering efficient and targeted communication. Organization administrators still maintain oversight with access to all message threads. Start using targeted messaging today to make sure your messages are in the right hands!

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The Best Construction Management Software

Enhancements in budgeting, communication, and the ability to mark up photos and PDFs are pivotal tools that streamline workflows for contractors worldwide. As JobTread listens and responds to customer feedback, they solidify their position as a trusted partner in the construction industry, driving efficiency and productivity for their clients across the globe.

Want to discover the rest of the powerful product updates JobTread has made this year? Watch the entire recap here.

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