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3 Tips for Finding Software that Fits Your Business

By: Anna Hunter

You’ve created a business to run the way you want it to. Now you need to find software that will support your processes and workflows so your business can grow. When all is said and done, technology isn’t worth it if you need to change your entire business to make it fit. Finding a software solution that helps your business thrive is key to its success.

When selecting a software, make sure that it:


Meets your needs

A software might seem really appealing because they have long lists of features and tools, however, it is important to pinpoint your exact needs before shopping around. First decide which parts of your business you want to automate or streamline.

  • What tasks seem disjointed or take a lot of time?
  • Does the time spent building estimates take you away from getting more done on the jobsite?
  • Are whiteboards, wall calendars, and excel spreadsheets keeping you from accessing your schedules when you are on the go?
  • Are you managing your business with 9 different software systems?

Determine the exact obstacles that are getting in the way of your business’ success and search for software that meets those needs.


Is flexible and adapts to your business

You shouldn’t need to change your entire business to adopt software that is supposed to help you. Find a solution that is flexible enough to support your business. No one wants to feel like they are fighting their technology just to get a task done. When exploring software options, notice any customizable features.

  • Can you add your logo or business colors?
  • Can you change the names of documents to match your systems?
  • Can you change the way your data is displayed to find key information quickly?

When technology adapts to your business, you can grow without disrupting your flow.


Integrates with other systems

Technology is too powerful to live on an island. Your softwares should talk with one another through integrations to reduce time spent jumping between different systems and entering data in multiple places. Not to mention the errors and mistakes that can arise when your information is housed in more than one location. When shopping for software, research options that can integrate with your current software.

  • Can the tasks and schedules be automatically added to your mobile calendar?
  • Will your financial data be synced with your accounting software?
  • Can your CRM contacts sync to your phone?

Ease your burden by getting software that connects your technology ecosystem.

Trust in technology that is designed for your success.

Choosing the right software can be a daunting task, but we make it easy. By offering an all-in-one software that is extremely customizable, we can help you get your business under control without changing your workflows. Better yet, JobTread was designed to talk with other software to help you create a connected ecosystem of all the technology important for your business. Simply put, we give you tools that help you run your businesses your way.

“JobTread is the first software to adapt to me and my business. It has a great flow, it’s intuitive, and it just works.”

Tony Elliott, Roseville Kitchen & Bath

JobTread adapts to your business. You don’t need to change to fit us!

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