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Construction Management Software Updates by JobTread

By: Eric FortenberryConstruction Cost Database

Any construction management software that’s worth your hard earned money will aggressively aim to exceed your expectations continuously. That’s why a software company’s commitment to fulfilling feature requests submitted by construction companies is essential.

Whether you’re already a JobTread Pro or you’re considering becoming one, these five exciting product updates are critical to profitably running your construction business. Keep in mind: these are only half of the exciting updates JobTread made in December 2023 alone.

Five Construction Management Software Updates by JobTread


Construction Time Tracking

Keep an eye on your employee time records by grouping them based on rates, offering a clear and concise overview of labor across your organization. Also, leverage new filters, including the Rate Filter and Item Filter on Jobs, to have even more control and flexibility when managing your time tracking data. With the Time Tracking Summary View, you can now efficiently analyze labor costs and gain deeper insights into your projects.

Time Tracking Summary ViewPlay Video

Construction Cost Database

Imagine you've made updates to cost items in a job budget and want to apply those changes to your catalog. Well, now you can! Update individual cost items or select multiple items from your job budget and use the new mass action button &quote;Update cost items in catalog&quote; to review and confirm changes before applying them.

Also, choose which cost item details you'd like to update: name, description, quantity, unit, cost, price, formulas, and tax status. Simplify your catalog management and keep your data consistent with this handy new feature!

Update Catalog Items from Job BudgetPlay Video

Construction Document Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and uploading files by using the new Copy Files option on cost items and cost groups. Search through JobTread and seamlessly copy existing files from various sources, including customer or vendor accounts, jobs, documents, daily logs, tasks, and more, directly to your desired cost item or cost group. This feature further simplifies your workflow, saving you time and ensuring all your essential files are conveniently organized in one place.

Copy Files to Cost Items and GroupsPlay Video

Customer and Vendor Portal

Elevate your customer and vendor's experience and foster more effective communication and transparency across your organization with these exciting updates:

  • Make a strong impression with an enhanced Portal UI showing a larger header and logo
  • Additional simplicity by hiding the main navigation if the external user only has one job
  • Choose to display a financial summary on Customer Portal
  • A list of action Items will show upcoming tasks and pending documents
  • Choose to display a contact list with internal and external job contacts
  • External users can @message anyone on their contact list

Custom Notifications and Reminders

Create custom activity notifications and set time-based reminders to take your JobTread communication to the next level! Tailor each notification by adding an optional message and specifying trigger events or dates. Add filters to further refine your custom notifications, ensuring your messages are targeted and timely. Once your custom notification is created, select the recipient roles and delivery methods, including In-App, Email, or Mobile Push notifications. Head to the new Notifications tab in your JobTread Settings to begin setting up your custom notifications today!

The Best Construction Management Software

Feature updates are the powerhouse of your construction management software. Useless, outdated, and out-of-touch updates won’t increase your profits. Choose an all-in-one construction management software that delivers the highest level of service throughout your implementation process and beyond, and watch your company rise.

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