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The Contractor's Guide to Construction Business Coaches

By: Eric Fortenberrycontractor searching for construction business coach, consultant, or advisor

Organizing, managing, and growing your construction business can be tough, especially when you haven’t unleashed the power of business coaching. Even the long-established builders and contractors can feel stuck from time to time.

Knowing when you need a coach, the benefits of partnering with one, and how to make the most compatible decision can transform your professional and personal life.

Equipped with wisdom gained from partnering with more than 3,000 small to mid-size construction companies, we’re now providing a comprehensive yet quick guide to help strengthen your business expertise.

Here’s everything you need to know about construction business coaches, consultants, or advisors:

8 Signs it’s Time to Consider Hiring A Construction Business Coach

  1. You struggle with the complexities of running a business like finances, marketing, sales, or strategy.
  2. Your construction projects are faced with inefficiencies or delays, resulting in lost time and resources.
  3. You're having a difficult time scaling operations, managing bigger projects, or growing your client base.
  4. You find it challenging to increase the profitability of your projects, no matter how hard you try.
  5. You notice team dynamics or skills have a negative impact on productivity and morale.
  6. You’re unable to leverage industry challenges like regulation changes or market trends.
  7. You don’t have a clear vision or strategic plan of action for the future of your business.
  8. You feel overwhelmed or isolated with all the decisions you have to make.
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8 Benefits You Can Gain From Construction Business Coaches

  1. Expert guidance tailored to the construction industry.
  2. Significant time and cost savings for your construction business.
  3. Better morale and collaboration with enhanced leadership and communication skills.
  4. Actionable goals and milestones that align with your vision and values.
  5. Confidence and support in your decision-making process.
  6. Sustainable client relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals.
  7. Long-term increases in leads, opportunities, and profits.
  8. Effective financial management and resilient resource optimization.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Business Coach for Your Construction Company

  1. Understand Your Needs: Before you even begin searching, identify the specific areas where your company needs support. Do you want to improve the profitability of your projects, simplify your sales process, or enhance your leadership skills? Clarifying this will help you find the right business coach and grow your construction company.
  2. Search for Construction Experts: Look for someone who understands the unique challenges and characteristics of the construction industry. A business coach with field experience can help you navigate the industry’s distinctive hurdles and seize unique opportunities. Many powerful partnerships are formed by harnessing the strengths of differences, so don’t rule out someone that lacks hands-on construction experience.
  3. Verify their Track Record: Check for proof of success with past clients. Do they have customer testimonials, case studies, or references that showcase their results? Look for success stories of companies with similarities like the services they provide or their number of projects per year, and don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.
  4. Evaluate Compatibility: Set aside time to meet with potential coaches to see if their communication style, approach, and core values are a good fit. You’ll be spending a lot of time together so choosing a coach you get along with is important. For example, do you prefer someone with a “tough love” style or do you thrive better with a personality that’s more nurturing? Make sure they align with your company culture and vision.
  5. Think About Accountability and Support: Ask them to explain the tactics they use to help you stick to your goals. A good business coach will not only offer advice, but also hold you accountable for following through. Investigate the type of support they provide between meetings.

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The Key to a Successful Construction Business

Investing in your growth can help you live the life you love. A business coach, consultant, or advisor can help you set the stage for sustainable success in the construction industry. Leveraging software that guides you through the entire construction process can help too.

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