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How to Become a JobTread Accounting Partner in 5 Steps

By: Eric FortenberryBookkeeper finds construction accounting and project management software that integrates with QuickBooks

Are you interested in finding more clients and growing your business? Have you considered developing a niche in construction accounting?

Accounting professionals are increasingly turning to JobTread, and it’s easy to see why. Recognizing the widespread need for accounting support among JobTread builders and contractors, we developed the Accounting Partner Program.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to become a JobTread Accounting Partner and the benefits of becoming one. We’ll also share some helpful tips for passing the JobTread Bookkeeper Certification Course, equipping you to thrive in the construction industry.

How to Become a JobTread Accounting Partner


Apply to Become a JobTread Accounting Partner

  • Fill out a quick online application, double-checking all information provided is accurate before submitting for review.
  • After submitting your application, you’ll be prompted to schedule a JobTread Partner Call.
  • Check your email for additional information.
  • The JobTread team will review your application and may request additional information to verify your accounting or bookkeeping business.
Bookkeeping for construction companiesJobTread Accounting Partner application.

Schedule and Complete a JobTread Partner Call

  • Using the Calendly link provided after submitting your application, select a day and time that works for you to complete a JobTread Partner Call.
  • The Calendly link is also available through the email you’ll receive confirming we’ve received your application.
  • The purpose of this call is to learn more about your company and discuss the details of the Accounting Partner Program.
  • You’ll also discover the unique and exciting opportunities available within the JobTread Marketplace.
Construction bookkeeping servicesSchedule a Partner Call with JobTread.

Purchase a Discounted Subscription to JobTread

  • Upon acceptance into the Accounting Partner Program, you’ll receive a custom promo link to purchase a discounted subscription to JobTread.
  • As an Accounting Partner, you’ll pay $99 per month with your first two months free.
  • You’ll have full access to all training materials needed to prepare for and successfully pass the JobTread Bookkeeper course.
Bookkeeping for constructionSign up for JobTread with custom promo link.

Complete the JobTread Bookkeeper Certification Course

  • The interactive course contains videos and quiz questions to help you learn about JobTread and the native integrations with QuickBooks and Gusto.
  • The entire course can be completed in about two hours.
  • Earning your JobTread Bookkeeper Certification is required to be listed in the JobTread Accountant Partner Directory.
  • To make the most of your learning, we encourage you to follow along and practice what you learn in your JobTread sandbox.
Construction accounting certificationJobTread Bookkeeper Certification course.

Submit Your Accountant Partner Directory Content

  • Log in to your JobTread account, click Settings, then Marketplace.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Apply Today".
  • Once you submit your content, the JobTread team will take a look and approve it.
  • Once it is live, you will have the opportunity to update it yourself.
Construction project management software that integrates with quickbooksIncludes a 250 word description of your business, link to your website, and a lead capture form.

Benefits of Becoming a JobTread Accounting Partner

Develop proficiency in the powerful features that rated JobTread the #1 Construction Management Software by Software Advice.

Connect with customers, accountants, and bookkeepers through our exclusive online forum.

List your services inside the JobTread App, exclusively available to our exponentially growing customer base.

Manage multiple JobTread customers from one accounting login.

Earn commissions for any new clients you refer to JobTread.

Leverage JobTread tools and built-in integrations for the accounting or bookkeeping services you offer clients.

Construction project management software for small to mid-size companies that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks.

Increase awareness, generate leads, and drive sales for your business.

Robust training resources, such as live sessions, on-demand materials, certifications, and peer support.

"JobTread is by far the absolute BEST in the industry for both builders and accountants"

Penny Lane Crull, Coach & CFO, Penny Lane U

The Best Courses, Certifications, and Software for Construction Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether you’re looking for ways to grow your accounting business or you desire to increase credibility by earning your JobTread certification, our Accounting Partner Program can help you be the advisor your clients need. Take the first step in elevating your business by applying today.

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