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Enhanced Selections & Allowances

By: Taylor Crosby
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We are so excited to announce that we are rolling out a better way to manage selections and allowances that will enhance your client’s experience. We have heard your feedback and taken your suggestions into account while designing this extremely robust and flexible feature. Contractors can simplify client selections by giving them an organized list of selections and allowances. They can also collaborate with their clients by messaging directly on a single selection.

Key Highlights

Dedicated Selections tab in each job, which is also displayed on the Customer Portal.
Streamlined workflow for managing allowances:
  • Create one or multiple selections that link directly to allowance budget items.
  • Reallocate unused allowances to other selections.
  • Allowance selections will deduct from the allowance and if exceeded will show the additional cost to the homeowner.
  • Upon approval, allowance selections will roll into the allowance budget line item.
More easily manage non-allowance selections:
  • Create items directly on the selection sheet without having to add them to the budget.
  • Non-allowance selections can display the price or cost & fees.
  • Upon approval, chosen selections will be added to the budget.
Create write-in selections to collect details, photos, files, links and quantities from clients.
Each selection allows you to message back-and-forth with your clients.
Grant one or more internal or external user access to each selection sheet.
Collect one or multiple eSignatures on each selection.
Easily create several selections from your budget or catalog cost groups using the mass import tool.
Download all selections in one PDF report to share selections with employees and subs.

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