Watch these videos to transform your construction business

Watch these videos to transform your construction business

Prepare to transform your construction business

Maximize your JobTread Connect experience by gaining a solid foundation ahead of time. Ensure you’re fully equipped to make the most of every session at the conference!

4 min
Welcome & Basic Settings
Welcome to the JobTread Connect Prep Series! Let's make sure you've customized the essential JobTread settings.
1 min
Add JobTread to Your Mobile Device
We recommend you save JobTread to the home screen on your mobile devices so you can access JobTread on the go.
2 min
Home Screen Walkthrough
Get acquainted with your JobTread home screen to know how to access key tools and track your recent job activity.
4 min
Custom Fields
Learn how to customize JobTread to ensure you're recording and tracking the data that's most important for your business.
6 min
Custom Data Views: Live Reports & Kanban Views
Organize your Job, Customer, and Vendor data in a way that helps you manage your processes from lead capture to project completion.
11 min
CRM - Managing Your Customers
Learn how to manage your customers from acquisition to active customers. Review the customer directory and account tracking tools.
6 min
Job Dashboard
Gain important insights from your job landing page. Learn how to track progress, communicate with your team, and see most recent job activity.
5 min
Job Budget Overview
From your initial estimates to tracking actual profits, this is where the magic happens. Customize the Budget to track your entire job financial lifecycle.
11 min
Create an Estimate & Send a Proposal
The foundation of every budget are the estimated costs. Learn how to create an estimate and send a proposal to your customer.
15 min
Selections, Options, and Upgrades
Learn how to offer pre-defined selections, add-on options, or even write-in selections to collect client descriptions, photos, files, links, and quantities.
10 min
Cost Catalog
Faster estimates start in the catalog. Learn how to set up your cost catalog and budget templates so they can simplify your estimating process.
21 min
Job Costing & Expense Tracking
Learn how to use documents to track all expenses against your approved budget so you know your profits and can course-correct before it is too late.
7 min
Create & Send an Invoice
Understand the basics of creating and sending customer invoices while tracking the status of your invoices and payments.
19 min
Build a Job Schedule
Leverage job scheduling tools plan, schedule, track, and delegate tasks for your jobs so you don't miss a step.
6 min
Organization-Wide Tasks
View tasks across all jobs and accounts in your Tasks tool. Use filters and create custom schedule views to help you stay ahead of your projects.
5 min
File Management
Explore all your options to organize, store, and sort files. Keep your files organized within each job, as well as view and sort files across all your jobs.

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